Health Policy


NOTE – We are not responsible for any vet bills.

To the best of the Seller’s knowledge this puppy is in good health. Your puppy has received a vaccination for Distemper-adenovirus-parainfluenza-and parvovirus which was given by us. In addition we worm our puppies every 2 weeks beginning at 2 weeks of age with pyrantel pamoate ( Strongid, Nemex, as well as other trade names).

We continue this until they are sold. The new owner should use a heartworm preventive prescribed by your vet which will control not only heartworms but roundworms and hookworms.

Seller does not guarantee against common puppy issues such as, but not limited to coccidian, parasites, and giardia.

Seller does not guarantee against any symptom or conditions associated with Brachycephalic Syndrome.

Buyer must be aware of these issues with the short nose breeds.

Buyer agrees to take puppy to the veterinarian of their choice within 72 HRS. of receiving the puppy. If your puppy has any irreversible health condition bring it back with vet examination record stating what condition it has. We will gladly refund you the price of the puppy.

This puppy is sold as a companion. No guarantee of show quality, ability to reproduce, mature size, or color has been implied.


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