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  • ANDREA GILL says:

    Hi. I am looking for a frenchton for my husband’s 60th birthday this month. Do you have any puppies available? Thank you! I live in the Washington DC area.

  • Carey Richardson says:

    Do you have any male Frenchton puppies or adults for sale?

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Carey,
      We hope to have a new litter of Frenchton pups in Jan. The only adult I have is a female and I have someone going to pick her up next week.

  • Edith Flowers says:

    I am looking for a male boxer puppy. My boxer passed away a few

    months ago and want a new forever friend. Please email me with pictures

    Thank you

  • Melissa Tucker says:

    Hi I have a frenchton and I’m looking to get another one over the next few months. Is there anyway I can get on a list or get info as soon as you have a new litter? Thanks

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Melissa,
      I do not do a list. I will post on the Upcoming Litter Page when we are having pups and when we are taking deposits. You can contact me then to visit or make a deposit once pictures are posted. We hope to have a litter of Frenchton in Jan. and another early Feb.

  • Kimberly Wilson says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a french bulldog puppy. Do you have any by chance?

  • Schala Harper says:

    Hi looking for a French Bulldog, boxer or terrier male puppy. We are in Wilmington, NC area.

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Schala,
      I have a litter of Boston due later this week. We no longer breed Boxers. Hope to have some pure French in early summer.

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