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Upcoming Litters

No deposits are taken until you choose a puppy.

  Deposits will be taken on first come basis. Deposits are Non refundable.

No personal checks for final payment on your puppy. If Paypal is used for final payment please add 3% for PayPal fees.

Beginning with June litters I will post when pups were born and what date we will start taking deposits. If you would like to schedule a visit contacts us by email or phone to do so. I will post pictures @ 2 wks. of age if you can’t visit you can pick from the pics.

I will only schedule visits for # of puppies available.

I will only take deposits on puppies that are scheduled for visits not new litters.

Please be sure you are available to visit before scheduling time. Please be on time for your visits. If you give me a time that is when I am expecting you. You may not be the only customer scheduled.

Please talk over with family, room mates etc. to be sure you can add a new family member. If you have any questions about our process of putting deposits down please email and get info before deposits are to be taken. My email is the best way to do that.  or you can call.

Boston Terrier: Price $700.  Isabelle & Toby’s pups have arrived. Pups will be ready for new homes on June 21st. Female # 1 is still available.

Boston Terrier: Price $700.  Patches & Toby Pups will be ready for new homes on July 22nd. Must be picked up by July 29th.  Pictures have been posted. You can call or email if you would like to schedule a visit. Taking deposits now.

French Puppies: Sadie & Dollar ????? due mid July. Price will be $2200-$2500

French Puppies: Pepper & Dollar due mid July. Price will be $2200-$2500.

3/4 Faux Frenchie: Clipper Sue & Buck due mid July. Price will be $1200.

Frenchton : Ellie Mae & Rosco due early August. Price is $900.

7/8 Faux Frenchie priced @ $1400.

French $2300-$2500

 June Bug is looking a forever home with a new family.  She is a Boston Terrier and is 4 yrs old. She has been spayed. Super sweet female. She is Free to a good home.

Patches (Boston Terrier) will also be looking a new home when her litter is weaned. She has been spayed. She is a very timid Boston and would do well in a home with an older couple. She is free to the right family.













































11 Responses to Upcoming Litters

  • Hannah says:

    Hello! I am interested in purchasing either a Boston, a Frenchie, or a Frenchton. I would be happy with any of those. However, I will be home in North Carolina from May-August. Will any puppies be available during that time? Thanks so much!


  • Skylar Watts says:

    I am very interested in a frenchton but would also take a Boston terrier! Would love to see male frenchton.

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hey Skylar,
      Check back in May, we are hoping to have new litters then of Boston and Frenchton.

  • Tanisha carson says:

    Him I’m interested in a male or female faux frenchton. Not looking until May . Other than health do you know if they will throw any creams or cute fawns?

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hey Tanisha,
      Curly Sue may have some cream or fawn if she has pups early May. Price will be $1400 for her litter.

  • Gabby says:


    Do you have any puppies available now ? I see there is one litter due in May 5th but did not see any Faux Frenchies with due dates yet. My husband and I are looking for a male Frenchton or a Faux Frenchie. Preferably a darker color, although that’s not set in stone.



    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hey Gabby,
      I do not have any Faux Frenchie’s coming up yet. Curly Sue didn’t take this time around. I have a litter of Frenchton due early May and hopefully another litter late May. It will be slow on litters now for a few months.

  • Gabby says:

    Awesome! We will keep a look out on this webpage for when the puppies are due. Thanks!

  • RW Barco says:

    Do you have any adult Boston’s available?

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