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Frenchton Puppies

Parents: Cricket & Toby Ready: July 20th.

 Parent: Jelly Bean & Rosco  Ready on: July 13th.

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  • lauren nevins says:

    hi connie, i got a frenchton a year ago i have to say i love her her name is sophie she has caused great joy in mine and my mother’s life thank you sooo much for my frenchton i lover her to pieces believe it or not we got 2 a black and white 1 named molly and she is turning 1 in october then a fawn and white 1 sophie who is my dog molly belongs to my pop pop and they could not have been happier!! thxx sooo! much totally worth it! thanks again!

  • laurie dohnalek says:

    Just want to check in that Captain is doing great. Such a wonderful personality and fun puppy. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. We will get a picture of him up to facebook and the past puppy site as soon as we get a good one.

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Laurie,
      So glad to hear Captain is doing well and bring joy to the Dohnalek family, we look forward to seeing the pictures.


  • Connie Stanley says:

    Hi Mary Kate,
    We do have upcoming litters of both if we have any females available I will be in touch.

  • laurie dohnalek says:

    Hi Connie, Captain is growing up nicely, so fun. We love him. I am wondering if Cricket’s female #2 is grey?? If you ever get a grey frenchton or 3/4 let me know PLEASE! we would have to get Captain a sibling. Thanks. I will post a pic of Captain on the previous pup page. Happy Summer!

  • laurie dohnalek says:

    I sent you the picture via email. please post. thanks

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