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Frenchton Puppies


Parents: Cricket & Toby

Parents: Peaches & Bandit

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  • lauren nevins says:

    hi connie, i got a frenchton a year ago i have to say i love her her name is sophie she has caused great joy in mine and my mother’s life thank you sooo much for my frenchton i lover her to pieces believe it or not we got 2 a black and white 1 named molly and she is turning 1 in october then a fawn and white 1 sophie who is my dog molly belongs to my pop pop and they could not have been happier!! thxx sooo! much totally worth it! thanks again!

  • Carol Nerone says:

    Interested in a female Frenchton (black and white) please me if you have any available

  • suzanne Kypros says:

    I’m interested in a female Frenchton puppy with fawn coloring with the dark mussel. I would like to be put on your list of interest when a litter becomes available. Can you tell me what city your located. Thanks Suzanne

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      We do not have any other Frenchton litters planned at this time. Keep checking the Up Coming Litter Page for updates on when we will have new litters. We are located in Four Oaks, NC

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