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Bentonville Pets

329 Britt Rd.

Four Oaks, NC 27524

You can contact us at:

(919) 915-2240 Danny

(919) 915-6720 Connie


* Please if you schedule a time to come by and visit and have a change of plans please call and let us know you are not coming our time is valuable to us also.

* Please also be aware of scams the phone number on our web site and e-mail address are the only ones used by Bentonville Pet .

* We will no longer accept checks other than for your deposits. You can still do paypal ( add the 3% fee) or cash when picking up. There will be no exceptions.

Thanks, Connie & Danny

2 Responses to Contact Us

  • James Chapman says:

    Looking for a female boston terrier, either a pup from one of you recent litters or a dog you want to retire. It is to be a companion dog for my mother who recently lost her Boston to old age. Please reply when you can.


    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi James,
      I will be taking deposits on the Boston litter on Feb. 3rd. Pictures will be posted later that evening if you aren’t able to visit.

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