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Bentonville Pets

329 Britt Rd.

Four Oaks, NC 27524

You can contact us at:

(919) 915-2240 Danny

(919) 915-6720 Connie


* Please if you schedule a time to come by and visit and have a change of plans please call and let us know you are not coming our time is valuable to us also.

* Please also be aware of scams the phone number on our web site and e-mail address are the only ones used by Bentonville Pet .

* We will no longer accept checks other than for your deposits. You can still do paypal ( add the 3% fee) or cash when picking up. There will be no exceptions.

Thanks, Connie & Danny

19 Responses to Contact Us

  • Tiffany says:

    Hello! Do you still have the brindle female available? If so, can you please send pics and information? I look forward to hearing from you!


  • melw says:

    Will you have any Boxer puppies available by Christmas?

  • Mendy Bailey says:

    Don’t forget about us if you have any retiring or frenchies ! I hope you guys are doing well daisy loves her home and finally taking up for herself with Virginia! Best thing we ever did was meet you all

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Mendy,
      So glad Daisy is still doing well in her new home. I hope to have some Frenchie’s early Spring. Check back with me then

  • Cathy Cooksey says:

    Hello Connie,

    We wanted to let you know how much we love ?? hearing the pitter patter of
    Our beautiful frenchton (Calie) from Boss & Gabby’s litter. She is doing great and
    We all love her very much. Also has already been house trained very smart and we
    And the Vet agree that you are the best And we are so thankful that we found you
    And are beautiful and I mean beautiful little girl. I will
    Send you a Christmas Photo and have a happy Thanksgiving.

    A very very happy new mommy to our beautiful
    Little frenchton!


    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Cathy,
      So happy to hear Calie is doing well and in a wonderful home with lots of love. Look forward to the pictures.

  • Teresa Kilpatrick says:

    I am very interested in a boxer female, do you have any or anticipate a litter in the very near future? Thanks, I lost my Fanci at 6 years old to tick disease even though she was tick treated. Was a very sad day for me and I know she can never be replaced, but I have so much love for this bread of dog that I am on the look for another one at this time. Thanks Teresa Kilpatrick

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Teresa,
      Sorry about your loss. We do get so attached to our 4 legged babies. We are no longer breeding Boxers. Hope you find a new friend soon.

  • Tee says:

    Hi, Connie. I got a pup from you back in 2008 (Sam is her dad, can’t remember mom’s name) and I adore her! Will be looking for another pup at some point and am wondering about the difference between a frenchton and a faux frenchie?

    Thanks so much-

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi Tee,
      A Frenchton is 1/2 French 1/2 Boston Terrier and the other is 3/4 French 1/4 Boston Terrier.
      We will be having litters in Jan. and Feb. if you would like to check them out.

  • Natasha Dixon says:

    Looking for 3/4 faux frenchie female. Do you have any available

    • Connie Stanley says:

      HI Natasha,
      We will have 3/4 litters around the 3 rd week of Jan. I will post on the web sites Upcoming Litter Page when they arrive.

  • Amanda Champion says:

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing a frenchton from an upcoming litter. Thank you so much!

  • Stephen Mintz says:

    Looking for a male French bulldog. Do you have any left?

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