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Bentonville Pets

329 Britt Rd.

Four Oaks, NC 27524

You can contact us at:

(919) 915-2240 Danny

(919) 915-6720 Connie


* Please if you schedule a time to come by and visit and have a change of plans please call and let us know you are not coming our time is valuable to us also.

* Please also be aware of scams the phone number on our web site and e-mail address are the only ones used by Bentonville Pet .

* We will no longer accept checks other than for your deposits. You can still do paypal ( add the 3% fee) or cash when picking up. There will be no exceptions.

Thanks, Connie & Danny

6 Responses to Contact Us

  • James Chapman says:

    Looking for a female boston terrier, either a pup from one of you recent litters or a dog you want to retire. It is to be a companion dog for my mother who recently lost her Boston to old age. Please reply when you can.


    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hi James,
      I will be taking deposits on the Boston litter on Feb. 3rd. Pictures will be posted later that evening if you aren’t able to visit.

  • Morgan Sexton says:

    Hi, I’m intrerested in purchasing a frenchton in your June litter. I couldn’t tell what the process was (eg submitting a deposit, scheduling an appointment, etc.). I also couldn’t tell if there was a waitlist from your website, but I’d love to be added to the list if it’s already full. Just let me know if there’s anything more you need from me.


    Morgan Sexton

    • Connie Stanley says:

      Hey Morgan,
      Not sure we will have any Frenchton pups in June. You can check the Upcoming Litter Page and see around that time. I do not do a wait list and I have one day I schedule for visits. All info is posted on the Upcoming Litter Page for each litter.

  • JoCasta Britt says:

    I am inquiring if you know when you will have a new litter of faux frenchies? Thanks, JoCasta

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